Four deputies

Imam Abu Nu’aym writes in ‘Hilyat al-Awliya’ and Imam Tabrani narrates from
‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas radiyallahu ta’ala ‘anhuma that Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi
wasallam said: “Indeed Allah has given me strength via four deputies – two in the
heavens and two upon the Earth. Jibra’il and Mika’il are my deputies in the heavens and
Abu Bakr and ‘Umar are my deputies in the Earth {Al-Sawa’iq al-Muhraqah, p.78 – Maktabat al-Qahira}

Deputies are for a King, hence, this hadith is proof of the fact that Allah, the Almighty,
made Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam the King of the heavens and the Earth. And
why would this not be the case when Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam is Allah’s
Khalifa-e-A’dham (greatest vicegerent).
Imam Bayhaqi narrates from ‘Abdullah ibn Salam radiyallahu ta’ala ‘anhu that the most
honoured (mu’azzaz) in the whole of creation is Hazrat Abul Qasim sallallahu ‘alaihi
wasallam. {Al-Khasa’is al-Kubra, vol.2, p.198}

Imam Hakim Neshapuri says this hadith is Sahih. { Mustadrak, vol.4, p.568 }

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